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NAACP's Julian Bond blasts VA marriage amendment

“I’d always thought Virginia was for lovers, not against them. We believe it is always wrong to use a constitution to single out one group for discrimination.”
— National NAACP chair Julian Bond at a University of Virginia forum

Thank you. Why can’t we clone him and send him around to some of these homobigoted churches? Maybe have him put Harold Ford over his knee and spank his fanny over the Tennessee candidate for the U.S. Senate’s anti-gay stance?

What was key was that this event was co-sponsored by the Office of African-American Affairs and the LGBT Resource Center of the Office of Student Life — a first. Talking about who is entitled to civil rights under the law is not a zero-sum game. (365gay):

“Marriage is a civil right,” he said. “If you don’t want gay people to marry in your church, good for you. But you can’t say they can’t marry in your city.”

Bond is a longtime supporter of LGBT rights. This weekend he will receive the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will present its National Leadership Award at a ceremony in Miami.

The number of well known Virginians opposing the amendment because of its breadth – it would affect all non married couples – is growing. Last week Gov. Tim Kaine became the 200th noted attorney to sign a statement opposing the proposed amendment.

The article also noted that the Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics went on the record opposing the marriage amendment this week. The organization stated that it would create two classes of children, since the law would only recognize a birth or adoptive parent. The other person in the same-sex partnership would not have any legal connection to the child.

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