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Hillary Clinton and Rush Limbaugh Trash John Kerry


Well you certainly expect it of Butt Boil Limbaugh, and I suppose you should expect it by now of Hillary ClintonSista Souljah is obviously a family affair.

I could understand that people just want the whole John Kerry thing to disappear from the stage a week out from the elections, but the Republicans and their compliant media (who seem to think a botched joke is more important than a botched war) aren't letting that happen.  Anyway, the appropriate course of action for those wishing for it to fade away would be to simply change the subject, or at least STFU and not seize on it for personal political gain, but John Kerry did after all come out and criticize Holy Joe Lieberman so he must (like Howard Dean before him) be punished.

Meanwhile — oh lord don't make me do it — Bob Casey shows he knows how to stand up to Republican bullies:

"He botched a joke. He was honest about a mistake that he made," Casey said after speaking to several hundred students in a packed auditorium at the University of Pennsylvania. "He didn't make a mistake like this president did" with a failed strategy in Iraq.

I really didn't want to have to do that, but credit where credit is due.  Anyone with the guts to tell the GOP to Fuck Right Off and stick it to George Bush and his failed war gets a high five. 

I know it's hard to be a woman running for President, but her husband triangulated the party right out of an identity in the 90s and we've been paying the price ever since.  Can she please find a way to conduct her campaign without tearing apart the Democratic Party?  Thanks Hills. 

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