We’d like to buy some more body armor
but we blew our budget on casket flags

We take time out from discussing flubbed jokes to remind everyomne about the flubbed war:

The U.S. Air Force is asking the Pentagon’s leadership for a staggering $50 billion in emergency funding for fiscal 2007 — an amount equal to nearly half its annual budget, defense analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute said on Tuesday.

The request is expected to draw criticism on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are increasingly worried about the huge sums being sought “off budget” to fund wars, escaping the more rigorous congressional oversight of regular budgets.

Another source familiar with the Air Force plans said the extra funds would help pay to transport growing numbers of U.S. soldiers being killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thompson, who has close ties to U.S. military officials, said the big funding request was fueled by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. England told the services in a October 25 memo to include the “longer war on terror,” not just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in their emergency requests.

“This amount of money is so much bigger than the Air Force would normally request … it hints at a basic breakdown in the process for planning and funding war costs,” said Thompson.

Hey look! Over there! John Kerry goofed up a knock-knock joke. Attack! Attack!

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