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Rangel unloads on Darth

“I think that would be bad for the economy. I don’t know if the stock market would like it. Charlie doesn’t understand how the economy works.”
— VP Dick Cheney spouting off gloom and doom on the prospect of Dems taking the House

“He’s such a real son of a bitch, he just enjoys a confrontation. When you have those sorts of problems, you’re supposed to seek help. He acknowledged that he has problems with communication.”
— NY Congressman Charles Rangel, suggesting Darth needs professional help.

Do you think these guys might not like one another? This is all about drumming up more fear about Dems taking Congress. Quite frankly, I don’t think drawing attention to propective Dem rule versus the actual record of malfeasance, corruption, scandal and legislative inertia on the Hill is a useful exercise, Darth. (NYP):

Many of Bush’s 2001 tax cuts are set to expire in 2011 – meaning rates would jump back up again, boosting taxes by well over $1 trillion, unless Congress acts to continue the cuts.

“So if a man like Charlie Rangel were to be chairman of the committee, and sitting there with the gavel, all he has to do is not act, just don’t call up the legislation, and there’ll be a big tax increase,” Cheney said.

The vice president’s stinging comments were the latest in a series of White House statements intended to raise fears about Rangel, as well as other prominent Democrats, as a way to convince voters to stop them from taking over the House.

Around the same time last year, Charlie Rangel had this to say about Darth Defibrillator:

“Sometimes I don’t even think Cheney is awake enough to know what’s going on,” Rangel (D-Harlem) said during an interview on New York 1 last night.

…”He’s a sick man, you know,” Rangel said of Cheney, prompting host Davidson Golden to point out that the vice president suffers from heart disease. Rangel retorted, “He’s got heart disease, but the disease is not restricted just to that part of his body. He grunts a lot, so you never really know what he’s thinking.” Asked whether he thinks Cheney is healthy enough to do the job, Rangel said, “Why do you think people are spending so much time praying for President Bush’s health?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding