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Marilyn Musgrave, gay-bashing coward

Unbelievable. Homobigot Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) was approached by Ben Gelt of ProgressActionNow yesterday and was asked to respond to a question from an undecided voter in her district:

If you had the choice between saving a soldier’s life and preventing a gay marriage, which would you choose, Congresswoman?

Guess what? She runs away, and her handlers/goons push at the camera, and rough up Gelt on a public street. What a class act she is.


He also asks her about her zero rating from the Disabled American Veterans. She just drove away.

Angie Paccione, Musgrave’s challenger, has now taken a slight lead in the polls, despite a ton of GOP cash flowing into this race. Angie must win.

Hat tip, Andy K.

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