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Ken Mehlman gets a taste of his own medicine in 'call me' parody ad

I love it. BlogActive and Proud of Who We Are have produced an ad mocking the now-infamous ‘call me‘ race-baiting ad meant to play upon bigoted fears of black men dating white women. The target, you all probably know, is Tennessee Democrat Harold Ford, who’s in a tight race for the Senate race. (Raw Story):

The new ad uses the same format to reference Mehlman’s widely-rumored homosexuality.

“[I’m] tired of people like Ken Mehlman using lies and personal attacks in an effort to manipulate elections,” said BlogActive’s Mike Rogers in a statement to RAW STORY. “If Ken Mehlman got the entire mainstream media to give precious air time and column inches to his race-baiting ad, I’m sure they will have no problem reporting the response.”


I’m not crying for the homobigoted Dem Ford, btw — he’s basically gay-bashed his way to gain the white conservative vote, but the racist ad is so over the top — and such a norm for the GOP when it has no other cards to play — that the Rethugs have to be called out on it. Support getting this ad on TV.

Here’s another video below, “GOP’s “Southern Strategy” – Old Habits Die Hard,” showing how Kenny Boy spent his time courting the black vote this year, only to unleash an ad showing a white woman saying she met Ford at “the Playboy party” and to call her. Gee, what message was Kenny conveying to voters?



Over at the Institute of Southern Studies blog Facing South, R. Neal strings together stories that weave the familiar tale of race-baiting in the GOP — and the string of denials that they are doing it.

Although they write the checks to fund them, Ken Mehlman and the Republican National Committee continue to deny that they have any control over these ads while at the same time they continue to defend them. In response, the DNC asks:

“Why is it that Republican leaders continue to defend the tactics of the GOP’s southern strategy?” asked DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. “Today Ken Mehlman not only refused to take responsibility for this despicable RNC ad, he continued to defend it. The truth is there is no reason Mehlman couldn’t have called Terry Nelson, and no reason he couldn’t have immediately denounced the ad publicly. Even Wal-mart fired Terry Nelson for his role in making this ad.

But big-time political consultants hired by the Republican National Committee are not the only players in the Southern Strategy.

Over the weekend, reports were popping up on a few Tennessee blogs that a wave of “push poll” calls was making its way across the state. The Knoxville News Sentinel reports today:

Several people receiving the calls characterized them as “push polling,” a tactic in which a call begins as if a poll is being conducted and then shifts mostly to providing negative information about a candidate.

Among those getting the call was Georgiana Vines, News Sentinel political columnist.

The recorded call suggests to people who indicate they favor Ford or are undecided that the Democratic candidate favors higher takes and “foreign terrorists having the same rights as American citizens.”

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