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Hey Rahm, How You Doin’?


Per Kos , Charlie Cook says the following races are now toss-ups:

CA 11 Pombo vs. McNerney (Blue America candidate)
CO 04 Musgrave vs. Pacionne  (Blue America candidate)
CO 05 Lamborn vs. Fawcett (Blue America/Netroots)
OH 02 Schmidt vs. Wulsin (Blue America candidate)
CA 50  Bilbray vs. Busby(Blue America/Netroots)
WY AL Cubin vs. Trauner (Netroots)
NH 02 Bass vs. Hodes (Netroots)

Remember this fabulous quote from yesterday's (*cough*) Democratic Strategist?

Because of their different experiences, netrooters have dismissed talk of a sweep as so much old-timer mysticism. Old-timers have been unable to believe the netrooters do not see what is clearly before their eyes. As a result of their different experiences, netrooters are also more focused on carefully bringing home every victory that's clearly in reach and leaving nothing to chance in any race, while the old-timers are wondering whether a bank would loan the DNC $5 million or $10 million against future contributions to expand their reach from 30 targeted seats to 50. Old-timers are also speculating about whether they should count as won the top ten prospective take-overs and shift resources from those seats to the Tier 3 opportunities.

You know, this just does not look to me like a triumph of the K Street sell-outs Blue Dogs .

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