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George Allen's peeps tackle man asking a question

Well here’s a nice bookend for the Marilyn Musgrave video thuggery below.

Macaca Allen was appearing in Charlottesville with The Empty Wig this AM and staffers decided they didn’t like a question a man asked of the Senator, so they threw him into a window and tackled him down to the floor. There’s video (and it’s now on YouTube):


[From Lindsay: The man attacked is Mike Stark, blogger of Calling All Wingnuts, a law student at the University of Virginia.]

Methinks these Rethugs are feeling a little too much electoral heat on their fannies. (NBC 29):

As Senator Allen was exiting a ballroom, coming to talk to the media, a protestor started yelling and asking, “Why did you spit on your first wife?”. He wasn’t able to get near the senator as he was tackled by three men wearing Allen stickers, presumed to be staffers. He was pushed and manhandled and ended up on the floor, near windows at the Omni.

What was Allen’s response?

Stuff like that happens.”

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Pam Spaulding

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