Lucky to be noticed at all…

That’s Gallagher…G-A-L-L-A-G-H-E-R.
No. Not the guy with the watermelon…

For once in his life D-level hate-radio host Mike Gallagher gets noticed and he’s not happy about it:

So this morning, a friend of mine sends me a link to Wolcott’s blog. In it, he calls fellow radio host Michael Medved and me “useless loads.” The reason for his ire, of course, is the recent meeting we had with President Bush in the Oval Office which was written about in the New York Times. I just knew that when the meeting was chronicled in the Times, liberal jackals like Wolcott would go bonkers. After all, when they’re doing everything they can to destroy the Bush Administration on a daily basis, how fair is it that they be kept outside the White House windows, trying to peer in to get a glimpse, while such “useless loads” as Hannity, Boortz, Ingraham, Medved and Gallagher, represesenting our 30 million weekly listeners, would get a seat at the table?

Um, no Mike. Wolcott called you and Medved “useless loads”, not Hannity, Boortz, and Ingraham. Just you two. He was quite specific about that. The other three are “useful loads”; that’s different. And, to be perfectly honest, your little “Nyah nyah I’m getting to meet the President and you’re not” schoolyard taunt should pretty much dispel any doubt that anyone might have previously had. Thanks for clearing that up.

On the plus side, getting together with George Bush, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Mark Steyn to develop a war plan to fight creeping liberalism must have been a dream come true. After all, you wrote the book.

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