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Lieberman Freaks Out


Wow.  I was aware that Joe knew better than to take a challenger for granted, but his internal polling must be for shit, because Dangerstein's response to the NYT endorsement of Lamont is an exercise in breathtaking hysteria.

Maybe Joe realizes that the clock is ticking, and there's only so long before the Connecticut public discovers that he's not an anti-war candidate after all.  Maybe it's the fact that Chris Shays is in real trouble, and Joe's fate is tied to his.  Maybe it's his position as ballot ballast or his lack of a ground game, or the fact that the $387,000 in petty cash he bought votes in urban areas with during the primary is going to guarantee that people watch him very closely this election if he tries to do it again (the Public Campaign Action Fund just blasted him over it).

Or maybe it's just that he remembers that Lowell Weicker was ahead of him by 6 points in the polls the day before the election in 1988.   Whatever it is, Joe seems to be having a complete melt-down with a week to go. Sane people do not hoover up an 8 ball, wash it down with a bottle of Scotch then start typing and send it to the New York Times in a race you've raised $15 million to fight.

The Lieberman panic room seems to be getting a wee bit crowded. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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