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Black fundies: Michael J. Fox wants to harvest babies

Here’s a touch of class — some group called the National Black Pro-Life Union is going on the Rush Limbaugh tip and drop-kicks Michael J. Fox for promoting stem cell research. President Day Gardner:

“Michael J. Fox is just another person with an ‘everyman for himself mentality.’ What makes his life so much more important that the life of a child? We need to remember that there are two different forms of stem cell research. Adult stem cells are available, Mr. Fox knows that. But even in light of that fact, he is still supporting the killing of children and then harvesting their little bodies for their stem cells.

“It is unfortunate that he and so many people suffer with debilitating diseases. We all have lost loved ones to horrible ailments and illnesses — and we all want and pray for good health. But, we should never deny the reality of the living unborn child in order to save our own skins. No human being has a right to do this at the expense of another’s life.”

That doesn’t even deserve a serious response. What about all those embryos dumped from fertility clinics each year? These people never address this.

An aside: if Dems assume that they will hold onto all of the black vote (or assume turnout) when you’ve got the above insanity plus the bevy of black homobigoted pastors cozying up to the white evangelicals and the Bushies, they are in for a rude awakening one day.

The WingNutDaily folks aren’t any better.

What do you think of Michael J. Fox’s political ads on stem cells?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding