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Biblical creationist blasts tour of 'Lucy'

Bible-beating flat-earther Ken Ham, the head of Answers in Genesis, which plans to open its Creation Museum near Cincinnati next spring, is incensed that the skeleton of “Lucy”, an early ancestor of humans, will be on a road show around the country to educate people. It offends Ham’s world view that the earth is 6,000 years old and that this is disinformation that is attacking creationism. Yawn. (AgapePress):

Many American scientists are excited that “Lucy,” an allegedly 3.2-million-year-old skeleton, will be coming to the United States next year. Creationists, however, are predicting that Lucy’s tour will be much more about promoting the theory of evolution than about expanding real scientific knowledge.

Associated Press news reports announcing Lucy’s visit state as fact that the fossilized remains are between three and four million years old and that “debate” still rages about how close an ancestor to man Lucy would be. But Ken Ham, president of the biblical creationist group Answers in Genesis, says those reports are only the beginning of Lucy’s anti-creationism tour.

“When I see that they’re bringing the most famous of the supposed ‘human ancestor’ fossils to America, and they’re going to feature it across America, I can see this is a big push for evolution,” Ham observes.

“There’s a lot of evidence that goes against Lucy being upright and as a human ancestor and so on,” the Answers in Genesis spokesman says. However, he has no illusions about the likelihood of those facts being brought out during the tour.

In an earlier post on his soon-to-open museum — which I’m sure will set the record straight for us all — it was reported that the Noah’s Ark exhibit will show 12 animatronic characters hammering and sawing away while Noah shouts instructions to them. The bookstore will resemble a medieval castle inside, with a “Dragons and Dinosaurs” theme.

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