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They sure better hope he doesn't win:

Lieberman says potential for leadership role helps candidacy

Sen. Joe Lieberman says the likelihood that he would take a leadership role if the Democrats take control of the Senate on Nov. 7 is helping him in his race against the endorsed Democrat in Connecticut.

"People are reading," Lieberman said after attending Sunday services at Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Hartford. "They see that there's a chance that Democrats might control and they know that if that happens, that I would be a committee chair and also would be in the majority." 


If re-elected, Lieberman could return to Capitol Hill to claim the chairmanship of the Homeland Security panel.

Or as Sirota deflatingly says, "Lieberman Cites Support of Senate Dems As Reason He's Still Competitive."

Offhand I can't think of any other event in recent history outside of the big three — Katrina, Alito and Torture — that would elicit much more online rage.  But he sure has the support of the DC Democrats.


Whether it was a standing ovation at a caucus meeting when Joe got back to the Senate after his primary loss, or Obama refusing to come to Connecticut or criticize Joe in any way, or Bill Clinton praising Lieberman on Larry King, or Harry Reid promising Lieberman seniority, or Chuck Schumer refusing to get involved and practically being forced to not back Lieberman after the primary, or insiders telling Lamont's campaign that they would talk Joe out of the race if Lamont didn't go on the attack, it's very clear that the Democratic Party leadership is rotten to the core.  With the exception of John Kerry and Wes Clark, no high profile Democrats have been there for Lamont.

May be the best money yet Richard Mellon Scaife has spent to tear the party into pieces.  

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