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Talk to Power: Sam Brownback

Yahoo has this web feature called Talk to Power, which is moderated by Judy Woodruff as part of “Generation Next,” described on the site as a series of reports on 16-to-25 year olds and what sets them apart from their predecessors.

Killer 'fro: unretouched scan of Sam's Kansas State University 1977 yearbook
Her upcoming guest is homobigot, forced birth advocate and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback. Woodruff is taking questions on the site, which Sam will answer on November 1. He’s already been hit with some interesting questions in the comments of the background article.

One reader wrote: “Why is it so important to Christian Conservatives that I, a non-believer, live by your code of morals? Why isn’t it enough for you to abstain from things that you feel are not moral, such as online poker and Howard Stern? Why do you feel it necessary that you force me to abstain from them as well?”

How can you possibly support the war in Iraq, where nearly a million fully formed human beings have been butchered and oppose embryonic stem cell research? You stance boggles the mind and astonishes anyone with even an ounce of decency, intelligence and compassion.

Could you please reaffirm the principle of the separation of church and state. As an atheist I am sickened by all this bible thumping by elected officials.

Why did President Bush’s two service age children not serve in the military at a time when the President, as Commander in Chief, is responsible for ensuring proper staffing levels of the military? And would you tell your service age children it’s their responsibility to serve?

I understand that the US is the most reasonable, fair-minded country regarding what is best in humanitarian terms, but is killing others the only way to change minds. Also, the US was set up as “One Nation Under God”–why are we moving so far away from God and Christian moral standards. Why are Christians made to feel like we have to accomodate every other belief and ignore how we feel? Will true Christians never be able to exist freely in the country our forefathers pioneered?

Senator Brownback, I once heard you speak on the floor of the Senate and you stated that fetuses should be protected under the Constitution. How could a fetus have rights? Do you think our Founding Fathers wanted pre-humans to have the same rights as real life humans? Its too bad that you disagree with a woman’s right to decide when she and her partner will or will not continue an unwanted pregnancy, but to say a fetus should have rights protected under the Constitution is absurd. Please try to find a better argument for your anti-choice position. D. Selig

Dear Senator: If fetuses and embryos are equal to born babies, then why aren’t pregnant women given two votes?

Aren’t you ashamed that you have placed a hold on a judicial nominee because she attended a gay committment ceremony as a guest? Also, by what divine right do you expect her to tell you her feelings towards gay issues that may come before her as a judge? To tell you her feelings would obviously require her to disassociate herself from any cases regarding gays…

This countries “christian” values seem to be under attack daily by groups who seem to have lost sight of the “majority” and pushing for the one or rights for a “minority group”. The one in the forefront is Gay Marriages. I find this so confusing. We celebrate “Gay Pride” in this counry and yet ther is no “Hetero Sexual Pride” celebations. And yet, on news, television programing, comercials and everywhere I turn it is being forced on the public. Now, do not get me wrong, I do beleive in tolerance, but this “acceptance” of a life style and as stated before, “the issue being forced down my throat” is making me wonder why elected officials are not doing more in defending Christiaqn values and the sanctity of marriage?


Back in January, Rolling Stone had a long profile of Brownback, God’s Senator — Who would Jesus vote for? Sam does indeed consider fetuses “citizens.” You can’t get much more batsh*t conservative than that.

…Casting Bush and the Republican leadership as soft and muddled, he regularly turns sleepy hearings into platforms for his vision of America, inviting a parade of angry witnesses to denounce the “homosexual agenda,” “bestiality” and “murder.”

He is running for president because murder is always on his mind: the abortion of what he considers fetal citizens. He speaks often and admiringly of John Brown, the abolitionist who massacred five pro-slavery settlers just north of the farm where Brownback grew up. Brown wanted to free the slaves; Brownback wants to free fetuses. He loves each and every one of them. “Just . . . sacred,” he says.

Additional fun facts from the article:

* Brownback’s chief of staff, Robert Wasinger, wrote in a campus magazine funded by the Heritage Foundation, that the “innocent sperm” of gay men are, “forced to swim into feces.”

* Sam is working to defeat a measure that would stiffen penalties for violent attacks on gays and lesbians, saying the hate-crime bill would lead to the eventual criminalization of Christianity.

* Brownback has received money funneled through Jack Abramoff ($42,000) and blocked a casino that Abramoff’s clients viewed as a competitor.

* Sam struggles to square that homosexuality may not be sanctioned by the Bible, but slavery is — and that he believes Good Book is never wrong. His logic: “the Bible views slavery as a ‘person-to-person relationship,’ something to be worked out beyond the intrusion of government. But he quickly abandons the argument; calling slavery a personal choice, after all, is awkward for a man who often compares slavery to abortion.”

* On same-sex marriage, which is legal in Sweden: Sam believes is it against “natural law” and has been made by “social engineering” into an outer ring of hell. “You’ll know ’em by their fruits.” (he later clarified this gem, saying he was quoting Matthew 7:16, because “it was pertinent to our overall conversation about faith and deeds.”).

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