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It's all about those orifices

Back in August, I did a stint guest posting at The Rude Pundit, and my contribution was entitled “It’s all about the sex.” That forum gave me the chance to use a few choice words that I refrain from using in this space, but the essay covered familiar territory I usually blog about on the Blend — the Dobson/Sheldon/Wildmon/WingNutDaily fundies and their obsession with sex acts and perceived deviance, while the average queer person is thinking about doing laundry or getting that last trip to the grocery store in.

A snippet from my Pundit post:

These folks are engaged in a holy war about the cock and where it goes, how often it is in action and whether the baby Jeezus might be aware of the Satanic forces guiding the love missile where no good Christian man should take it. At least not during church service — and only then in dark alleys, motel rooms with the curtains drawn, or trucker rest stops — with a healthy amount of self-flagellation afterwards to get right with the Big Guy for that ill-conceived moment (or 100) of carnal sin.

A perfect example of a right wing head case who is thinking way more about sex than your garden variety homo is WingNutDaily columnist Kevin McCullough. I couldn’t believe what I was reading — it’s almost as if he wanted to validate my RP post in his essay, Why homosexuals despise marriage. He’s reeling by the NJ ruling on marriage and brings it right down to the orifices. Please have tissues handy as you laugh uncontrollably.

There are attributes of marriage that same-sex couples will never achieve. But in the minds of radical activists, getting the label and a piece of paper saying so will be close enough.

For instance, a woman who engages in lesbianism will never know the joy of lovemaking that creates within her the product of that union — an actual human life. She will never know the security of a true man protecting her from the dragons of the world and providing for her an environment where she can nurture and give love to that little life once it arrives, or the stamp of approval that God puts on such an experience. And because she and her partner know this, they must defy reason, biology and sexual function to create children and experiences that serve as faulty substitutes for that God-ordained picture.

Likewise, a man who seeks his perverse kicks by depositing the seed of life in, shall we say, non-life-giving cavities, may know orgasm, but never complete union, as he uses anatomy in ways for which the Creator did not create it.

Married couples that love each other and practice monogamous, committed, life-affirming affection — even through tribulation — know a very different experience. A man can learn more about his role as a man because of the way his wife responds to him. Likewise, a woman who has a man who truly loves her for who she is, provides for her needs and encourages her constantly will never even think of finding solutions to those needs elsewhere.

The truth is radical homosexual activists know that these experiences are not theirs for the having. No matter how much they attempt to shut down voices that choose not to support their perverse bedroom habits, even if the entire world agreed with them to their face, they would no be able to escape the voice of their own conscience.

The Freepers ate it up and then burped up comments like these.

Actual Freeper Quotes

The homosexual agenda has shot themselves in the foot with gay marriage. Had they only stuck with civil unions, by now most every state would have them. But by demanding to equate their sick family with the normal family and demanding marriage, by the end of this year, most states will have gay marriage banned by constitution.

CNN runs the propaganda too. While eating lunch at Taco Johns on Fort Benning yesterday, CNN (covering this court decision story) showed over and over again lesbians exchanging kisses and fags kissing during their “marriage” ceremonies.

It is enough to make one up their food. Stereotypical ugly lesbians and loser fags kissing again and again. It should be rated R but CNN kept showing it and kept showing it.

I think the only reason the homosexual movement wants same sex marriage is to destoy the institution of marriage. It is the only way they can get society’s stamp of approval for the way they want to live. Once they get society’s approval in the form of government action legalizing same-sex unions, whether they are called marriages or something else, then they will be able to use the cudgel of government coercion to force society to put homosexuality on a par with heterosexuality in every way.

It will only be a short time before public school teachers are mandated by law to teach children that there the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality is just a very minior technical one and they can find fulfillment in either one.

Gay marriage is not sustainable. it does not produce children. it promotes a lifestyle which is at odds with sustainable society, it promotes a lifestyle which is detrimental to society and erodes the value that society place upon marriage. Gay marriage is simply wrong.

Then why not limit marriage to fertile man-woman couples? I’m 50, have had a vasectomy, my girlfriend is also 50, and post menopause. Would anyone here limit our right to marry?

Rhetoric that says that homosexuals want to destroy an institution by joining it is bound to fail. Promiscuous homosexuals have no more interest in marrying than do confirmed bachelors. And I have yet to see any way that someone else’s “marriage”, or civil union, or domestic partnership takes anything away from a man and woman who want to live a traditional style of life. The fact that you can get a quickie marriage and divorce in Nevada does not take a single thing away from people who view and live marriage as a lifelong commitment between themselves and their deity.

Good points–and ones I am receptive to as well. Gay marriage should be decided by the people, not judges. Gays need to make their case in the court of public opinion–they could sway opinion to their side (but really–when you see a couple of guys at the altar, that’s just sick (confirmed homophobe))

I have seen men with families who suddenly “discover” they are truly “gay” tear up the family

That is a sad situation indeed. What I find hypocritical are those who say men in that position were gay all along and cannot become heterosexual again. It’s too bad we’ve slid so far down the slope.

I guess the answer is to not go to any homosexual weddings. I also feel that the people should decide, not the courts, but I can imagine that majorities in the blue states would be supportive of civil unions. What I would oppose is a Supreme Court opinion that legalized gay marriage throughout the land, but I think it’s coming within five to ten years.

No matter what earthly legal label they put on their sin, it will never be acceptable by God, and sadly, they will stand before Him one day and be truly Judged. And so will the so-called churches that condone their sin. God help us.

It is really sad to see someone you care about sink into that hell hole of the hedonistic, live for today, physical pleasure at any cost queer lifestyle.

Yes it is. If you think he would be interested in watching a video on the story of 5 ex-gays, take a look at Dr. Throckmorton’s video: I Do Exist. It’s a 52 minute video th
at might help…

I disagree, and I’ve never seen any science supporting a hardwiring among gays. In fact, even homosexual activists and scientists have stated there is no hardwiring involved. It’s quite a complicated subject.

You’re nothing but a homophobic, Bible beating fool. Why, if these people have feelings of ‘guilt’, are they attempting to step out into the spotlight ? The ‘sanctity’ of marriage ? Over half of heterosexual marriages fail. How many of the half that ‘succeeds’ are happy ? Heterosexuals have PROVEN that they can’t stay in a marriage. Why not let ‘gays’ take a crack at it ? Beacuse they might be better at it ? Go wave your silly book someplace else.

Whereas, 100% of homosexual couples are infertile as a result of their sexual preferences. They only way they can “have children” is to claim other people’s, including a “womb for rent” and a baggie of some anonymous guy’s jism.

The purpose of society in supporting the institution of marriage is to create an environment in which to perpetuate future generations.

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