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Blogger sux, again

Blogger is crapping out again, apparently it’s affecting other blogs on the platform as well. Since I publish using the Google/Blogger APIs, even though my files are hosted elsewhere, posting is hosed. If you want to see fresh content, it seems to be publishing to the monthly archive, just not reliably to the index page. Click here to access the new stuff; if you see this post, then clearly that’s not necessary; it’s just hit or miss today on Blogger.

Since I will probably not be able to successfully post to the front page until the Blogger folks get their acts together, how about an open thread on what you would like to see in terms of a new platform for the Blend. Would you like to, for instance:

— have users register to comment to reduce trolling
— have readers be able to contribute diaries (like dKos)
— see additional regular contributors (you got a taste of that while I was out of town)

What other features/functionality might be useful for the coffeehouse?

I don’t mind switching publishing platforms (WordPress, Scoop, MT, though I’d hate to lose the existing comments, which are currently in Haloscan. I definitely couldn’t do the migration myself (no time, likely to screw it up), so that’s one hurdle — unless we have some enterprising Blender assistance out there. 🙂

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