Muqtada al-Sadr is particularly obsessed with MN-06

Let us give due credit to Eric Ruff for showing remarkable restraint in not pinning all 100 deaths in Iraq this month on the Democrats:

“The level of attacks has gone up, true,” said Pentagon press secretary Eric Ruff. “What is the reason for that? Ramadan is one and because of our elections.”

“It would seem that if they can increase the violence, they can increase opposition to the war and have an influence against the president,” Ruff told reporters on Friday, discussing the month’s rising death toll.

But defense officials did not say what information had led them to that conclusion. Ruff said he had not seen intelligence to back it up.

He and others have also declined to say whether the Pentagon expects attacks to decline after the elections in which polls show President George W. Bush’s Republicans may lose control of Congress due in large part to anger over Iraq.

Ruff stopped short of saying insurgents in Iraq or al-Qaida want Democrats to take control of Congress.

I believe making that assertion is above his pay grade and besides, he wouldn’t want to step on Dick Cheney’s toes.

By the way, you may remember Mr. Ruff from the days when he was trying to get Donald Rumsfeld killed:

The Pentagon is set to announce a new press secretary, Eric Ruff, to help the department do a more effective job at getting out news from Iraq.

One of Ruff’s qualifications? He’s got “good access” to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. That’s a bit of an understatement.

If you remember that far back, in March 2004, Ruff left a hand-drawn map to Rummy’s home on a table at a Starbucks near Dupont Circle in the capital. He also left behind briefing notes on how the administration planned to counter Richard Clarke’s testimony on the lack of evidence linking Saddam Hussein to terrorists.

A nearby resident who found the notes gave them to American Progress, who posted them online sans the map to Rummy’s pad.

That was over three months before those treasonous bastards at the New York Times made an ill-fated attempt on Rummy’s life…

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