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Thanks, Howie

Howie Klein has worked tirelessly on the Blue America project this year. He has interviewed countless candidates, hosted interviews of those with progressive values in his weekly Blue America column, produced radio and internet ads on their behalf and now working with Lars Sandvik he's branched out into the production of a cable ad for Tony Trupiano (seen in the YouTube above). 

Howie was so excited when he called me on Thursday with the hope that we could really help Tony out with this ad.  If you appreciate all the hard work Howie has done on behalf of progressive candidates (most of whom the DCCC did everything they could to run out of their respective races) please consider giving something to the Blue America PAC so we can have this one last push for Tony.

Howie has worked really, really hard creating something wonderful this election cycle, in open defiance of the Rahm and Chuck "don't mention the war" master strategy for November.  This is his dream.  If you've got a few pennies left yet to spare, it would be great show of appreciation for all of Howie's hard work if you could throw them toward the Blue America PAC.

Thanks to MyDD for their support, and also to John Kerry, who linked to our Blue America page (as well as Atrios and the Netroots Candidates pages) on his blog (hat tip Taylor Marsh). 

Moderator Note: Everyone make sure that donations for this ad buy for Trupiano go to Blue America PAC not his individual candidate page

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