Mystery Man

Like Kevin Drum I had no idea that Dianne Feinstein was actually on the Nov. 7 ballot defending her seat. I’m not a big TV watcher, but I did see Feinstein’s commercial once last week I think, so today I actually took the time to go find out who the ‘stealth candidate’ is.

Dick Mountjoy

No, he’s not a porn star. That would be Mary Carey who ran for governor and, no, I’ not going to provide a link…. so you can just put it away.

You can read about Dick here, but it’s kind of sad:

And few people seem to know who Mountjoy is, despite his role as one of the architects of 1994’s Proposition 187, which would have made it illegal for undocumented immigrants to receive many government benefits. Mountjoy’s 29% support among all registered voters in the most recent Los Angeles Times poll is less than the 34% of state voters enrolled as Republicans. And in a July Field poll — one of the last to ask the question — 62% of voters said they did not know enough about Mountjoy to have an opinion about him.

Little has changed since then. Feinstein entered the late-summer push with more than $8 million in the bank to Mountjoy’s $21,000, making it likely that this will be the second California race in a row for the Senate in which the Republican challenger was unable to air crucial television ads in the final weeks of the campaign.

The next financial reports aren’t due until today, but even Republicans seem to have given up. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee — a key funding and organizing tool for Republican Senate incumbents and hopefuls — doesn’t even list Mountjoy as a candidate on its website. To add insult to injury, where his face and biography should be posted, the website lists Barbara Boxer, a red flag for Republican bulls.

Next time I need to use an alias, I’m using Dick Mountjoy because nobody will know the difference.

Also I’m tired of using Rod Throbber.

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