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Tennessee church boycotts Wal-mart over the homos

“We haven’t talked about picketing Wal-Mart. We just want Christians to take a stand. We want Christians to unite together and say that we’re not going to support Wal-Mart any longer if they’re going to take this stand with same sex marriages.”
— Pastor Carol Jacobs of Trinity Family Church in Columbia, Tennessee. Wal-mart has taken no position on the state marriage amendment.

Wal-mart had the gall, according to these fundies, of partnering with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to do outreach into the community. The straws that broke the camel’s back for these folks were the sponsorship by the big-box retailer of a LGBT diversity week at Boise State University in Idaho and the fact that the church claims the store now sells “gay and lesbian literature in their literature sections” (which the store rep denies).

The folks at Trinity Family Church have been staying away from the retailer for three weeks now. (Columbia Daily Herald):

Jacobs said her emotions for the situation won’t allow her to back down. “We may sound like a small voice, but we have to let our voice be heard. I can’t keep quiet about it. I just can’t.”

Trinity’s youth pastor Leslie Washington said the church found out about the partnership through an e-mail from the American Family Association. She said she feels this partnership is a message to Wal-Mart customers that it supports same sex marriage, a value the NGLCC has upheld in the past.

How long will they hold out? I’m sure this effort will fail miserably. Jacob has said “I won’t bow to a discount.” We’ll see…it sounds like the resolve is quite limited:

Jacobs said that there are some in her congregation who still work at Wal-Mart, despite the church’s boycott. “We have people right now who are employed there. I don’t know that they’re anticipating to leave the store, but they have voiced their opinion. … We’re not encouraging them to leave, we’d like to see a turnaround (at Wal-Mart).”

According to Jacobs, the church had spend thousands of dollars at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club for supplies but has since been shopping elsewhere. And it’s been difficult, she said.

“Oh yeah, it’s difficult, because it was first of all a familiar place, a comfortable place to go and get anything we needed in one place. We miss it, but we feel that these other issues are something we can’t ignore.”

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