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Math Tutors Needed


Democrats all over the country have been making their calculations regarding Ned Lamont's campaign.  There are a few who need your help with their homework.  They seem to be calculating that you will not notice their answers and will forget them by and by:

Barack Obama:   Mr. "Audacity of Hope" is hoping you'll never find out he cancelled his plans to campaign in Connecticut for Lamont weeks ago, right at the last minute.  He has just recently agreed to send out an email under his name for Lamont, asking people to volunteer for Ned, and that's good.  But he seems to be calculating that backing out of the rest of his promise won't matter, even as he turns up in New York and Massachussetts on his book tour (doesn't I-95 run from NY to MA through CT?  What's the hypotenuse?).  Can you help Mr. Audacity?

John Edwards:  The smiling former senator did well to campaign with Lamont right after the primary, and he apparently told an audience in Colorado just this week he would be glad to go back anytime.  Word on the street in Connecticut is he may have changed his mind when actually asked to deliver.  Can you help Senator Edwards with his sums?

Russ Feingold:   Senator Feingold seems to be copying from John Edwards' paper.  He tells people he will show up for Ned anytime, but doesn't actually do it.  Maybe he was an English major.  Can you help him with his math?

The Clintons:  The Clintons seem to have turned in their papers, from what I can tell.  Senator Clinton is holding on to her email list of Connecticut contacts from her national database, so the Lamont campaign can't tap into those Democrats who may be able to help get out the vote by volunteering for Ned.  Likewise, President Clinton will not be reprising his role as supporter of the incumbent during the primary for the subsequent winner of the actual Democratic primary.  Perhaps Senator Clinton will be running in the future on some newly minted "America for Clinton" ticket?

The DSCC:   Until late this week, the DSCC had dug its heels in against pressure to send out an email on behalf of Ned, asking people to volunteer for Ned and help GOTV, but I'm told they've been persuaded to change their minds.  Good for them.

Can anyone offer any help with the math for these folks in the comments section?  Seems like everyone on that list has aspirations for 2008.

UPDATE:  10/28/06 5:37 PM PST.  I want to post this update from Tim Tagaris, netroots coordinator for the Lamont campaign, empasis added, with apologies to Senator Feingold: 

I've seen the entries, I've been part of back-channel discussions on the topic, and I know it's on a lot of people's minds.  Let me just clear a few things up, and know that I will go into tedious amounts of detail (along with Swan) post-primary.  Let me start by saying this has never been about a $5,000 PAC check or high-dollar fundraisers.

John Kerry and Wes Clark have been nothing short of amazing.  If you are the type of person keeping score at home, note that please.

It's also important to note that Russ Feingold is taking a bit of undeserved heat.  That's partially my fault.  I didn't find out until after the original post went up on Firedoglake that we had only asked the Senator to visit 48 hours ago for the first time.  By then, his schedule was full inside his home state of Wisconsin.  We are looking to involve him in other ways.

We have an open invitation to Senator Obama and John Edwards to appear in Connecticut down the stretch as well.  A lot of people would like to know about the Clintons as well.  Well, more on those stories post-primary.  Ultimately, it would have been great if others chose to stand up to Senator Lieberman as he continually throws the Democratic Party under the bus.  It's symptomatic of a party perpetually bullied by the right-wing that only a small handful have chosen to.  But that's alright, we're still going to win this thing with you and a few friends.  Finally, the DSCC sent out an email to their entire CT list (50,000 I'm told) asking them to volunteer down the stretch.

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