Special Ed and the Jew In The Woodpile

Maybe I’m missing something here, but Special Ed seems to think that being accused of being teh jew is the new teh gay:

This contest started off badly and never really recovered. After the primaries, Allen made the “macaca” mistake and then took too long to apologize for it. Rather than let the incident speak for itself, the Webb campaign decided to start grilling Allen’s schoolmates for any bad words Allen might have said. When that didn’t stick, they went after his mother’s heritage, forcing her to reveal family secrets publicly and humiliating her. It was a disgusting display, and many people on both sides of the political divide recognized the gutter-dwelling nature of Webb’s campaign.

In fact it was television reporter Peggy Fox who brought up the issue of whether Allen was Jewish during a debate, not the Webb campaign. What was appalling was Allen’s blustery pissed-off response as if being Jewish is some kind of venereal disease. Now if Allen had gone out and burned a cross on his own lawn, that would have been embarrassing…

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