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Gravitas in the Wingnut Welfare Pavilion


Although it's now been taken off her Wikipedia page, I am here to testify that at one point Kathryn Jean Lopez was proud to boast of her history as a Duran Duran scholar.  As one of those dispatched to undercut the credibility of a Parkinson's disease victim hoping to find a cure for Parkinson's disease and defend Rush Limbaugh for this (and if you haven't seen it, please do, it really is impossible to appreciate what's going on here without watching Rush in the flesh), K.J. offers the following:

The Absolute Last Word on Jesus vs. Alex P. Keaton [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
A reader points out the real genius in Jim Caveziel appearing in that ad: "the point is Jim Caviezel is HOT! is that blasphemous?"

(Though truth be told, MJ Fox isn't bad himself. So the two commercials are apples vs. apples, at least on one front. How you like them apples?)

It's weird enough that the response to the deeply moving Fox ad is some bizarre parade of the semi-literate in their 16th minute of fame, as if six or seven also-rans could add up to one true celebrity.  But it's even weirder that they dispatched someone to promote it whose meager analytical talents are more suited to discussing the mis-en-scene of Hungry Like the Wolf.

There really is nothing they can't reduce to utter drivel at the NRO.

(Thanks to Digby for the KJ Lopez link.  No, really, thanks Digby.) 

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