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GOP, Meet Reality


(CHS notes:  Sometimes, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words…)

In what may be one of the more amusing segments on Olbermann's Countdown show on MSNBC yesterday, Keith took a little time to educate the Bush Administration and Tony Snow just how powerful five minutes and "the Google" can be (via C&L):

The White House Press Secretary is now revising his revisionist history on the phrase and still coming up short. First saying that the President never said "stay the course" then yesterday, saying this to Fox News:

Well sure, to be fair, the President did say "Stay the Course" eight times.

So there they are, the eight — and only eight — times President George W. Bush ever said the phrase "Stay The Course"

And now you know tomorrow's headline from Mr. Snow.

"I never said he only said it eight times; I said we could only find eight times."

Evidently, somebody at the White House needs a little help with "The Google."

Take a little time and watch the video at C&L. It is so worth it this morning.  And honestly, isn't it more fun counting up the lies and idiocy from the Bush Administration when you add in some game show sound effects?

Yesterday's show also included a segment about Rush and his fixation on Michael J. Fox — and it gave Sam Seder (who is hosting his show in Air America right now, btw) an opportunity to utter one of the greatest sentences ever — which included the words "Rush Limbaugh," "hillbilly heroin," and "viagra" all in the same sentence. Priceless.  Sam and Keith did a great job of discussing the wingnut wurlitzer's tendency to put all the blame on anyone but folks they need to keep in office — which really pretty much sums up the Republican party these days, doesn't it?  Sacrificing everything, including the Constitution and any shred of decency or ethics, on the altar of temporary power.

Had enough?  Vote for Democrats.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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