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Blue Army: Twelve Days to Boogie Woogie

You can find previous entries from our Blue Army series, our get out the vote, pre-election organizing sprint to the finish line, here.  To help us overcome or at least diminish the Republican advantage in voter organizing, we need your help these next few days, if you can offer it.  It's easy.  My local race for Jim Webb over George Allen even allows me to do phone banking from home.  I made some calls this morning using their terrific, easy online interface guide:  it was fun!  Here's how you can get involved, no matter where you are:

  • Remember George Stern from last week?  Contact Do More Than Vote and use their easy interface to get connected to the right volunteer organization for you in your area. DMTV is now up to 57 chapters in all competitive states, etc.  Chapters are now taking the project offline to get more activists and volunteers involved.  You can help this effort by distributing DMTV fliers.  If you're in one of the 57 cities and are willing to pass out fliers at events, at meetings of your progressive groups, at a block party, on street corners, or to friends and neighbors, email george at @domorethanvote dot org and he'll get you going. If you can't distribute fliers or you aren't in one of the 57 areas, you can help support the printing and shipping costs of this project by donating at their Actblue link.  All 57 cities are listed below.
  • Nervous about the idea of door knocking?  Don't be:  people are very welcoming, especially this year.  Look at the polls:  people have Had Enough and they want change.  Here's a great introduction to canvassing from a diary at Dkos (hat tip to Blue Army member xyz).
  • Volunteer to become a poll worker.  Let's not just complain about fairness at the polls:  become part of the solution.  Go here.  They've been asking for poll workers in my area onthe radio, so I'm sure your area could use help, too.
  • Volunteer for Howard Dean's new army through your local Democratic Party.
  • MoveOn has a great online interface that can allow you to phone bank from your home for any race in the country where help is needed.  Markos wrote about it last week.  It's called Call for Change, and it's fantastic.  Chris Bowers at MyDD has also gone gaga over it, with good reason.  Check it out!

I know we all find it hard to give time.  I'm super busy myself, and my list of things to do is long, but then again, I can't look at myself in the mirror if I don't pitch in for this election.  Not all of us can give money, but all of us can find at least half an hour to phone bank, or do something else, through a short donation of time.

One thing:  when you get in touch with any volunteer opportunities, be a little patient.  These are, after all, volunteers, and their organizations are basically new and all the kinks have not been ironed out.  If you have to call more than once, do it.  If it takes a few tries to get to the right person who can get you started, please be patient and forgiving.  One of the best ways to find a way to help is just to show up at a local campaign office:  they'll usually figure out what to do with you.

As for the video, I don't quite get the whole fish costume thing, but hey, this was a show in Vegas:  it doesn't have to make sense.  Bathhouse Betty is having some serious fun up there, and if you get involved, you can meet some people and have some fun, too.  Please jump in.  We need you, and we only have twelve days.

In the comments, please let people know what you're doing.  Leave an online record.  Outsiders need to know what the netroots are up to in the "real world."  Represent!

DMTV Cities: 

AK: Anchorage
AK: Fairbanks
AK: Juneau
AZ: Phoenix
CA: Los Angeles
CA: Sacramento
CA: San Fran
CO: Denver
CT: Bridgeport
CT: Meriden
CT: New Haven
CT: Norwalk
CT: Vernon
DC, Washington
GA: Atlanta
IL: Chicago
IA: Des Moines
KA: Wichita
MD: Baltimore
MD: Bethesda
MI: Detroit
MI: Lansing
MI: Monroe
MI: Muskegon
MI: Saginaw
MN: Mpls/St Paul
MO: Jefferson City
MO: Kansas City
MO: St. Louis
MO: Springfield
MT: Helena
NV: Las Vegas
NV: Reno
NJ: Central
NJ: Northern
NJ: Southern
NM: Albuquerque
NY: New York
OH: Cincinnati
OH: Cleveland
OH: Columbus
PA: Bethlehem
PA: Philadelphia
PA: Pittsburgh
RI: Providence
TN: Chattanooga
TN: Jackson
TN: Knoxville
TN: Memphis
TN: Nashville
TX: Austin
VA: Arlington
VA: Charlottesville
WA: Seattle
WI: Green Bay
WI: Madison
WI: Milwaukee 

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