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Blue America for Tony Trupiano


Tony Trupiano is one of our Blue America candidates running for a House seat in MI-11, and he's someone that we'd very much like to help.  He visited with Howie Klein here during a Blue America chat recently, and he cites his wife and John Amato (Crooka & Liars) as the reason he decided to run in the first place.

The intrepid Howie Klein is working with the people who did this ad to adapt it for a cable buy in Tony's district, but we need your help.  For those who can afford to contribute to our Blue America PAC, that would help us to extend the buy and really give it some impact in the district.  But people often tell us they're on fixed incomes and would like to find another way to help, so we also need some opposition research done on Tony's opponent, Thadeus McCotter.  They're looking for the following:

  • The number of times he voted with the President's legislation (percentage), and where he ranks in terms of House members who have voted with the President
  • Specific negative legislation annotations (issues that people will be responsive to in the district)

Anyone who can take the time to collect this information on McCotter and leave it in the comments would really helpiful. We'd love to get the information to the ad folks tonight so we could get it done and on the air soon, in time to help Tony out. So if you've got some cash to spare, or you're good with the Google, please pitch in — the Blue America project has been amazingly successful and it's all because people have contributed their time and energy to it.

We're also excited about Ricki Lee Jones and the Maxwell/Mosher band going to Connecticut to perform "Have You Had Enough" on Ned Lamont's bus tour from November 2-4.  We've had some incredible successes this election season, and we hope the ad for Tony will be another home run. 

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