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An outing across the pond

The self-loathing, closeted disease of conservative gays extends across the Atlantic. A homobigot PM in the House of Commons has been outed.

Greg Barker, a Conservative Party member, was a sure vote against any and all LGBT rights legislation, but it looks like he was doing quite a bit of pole smoking in the closet.

The Sun newspaper reports that Greg Barker split from his wife of 14 years in July and became sexually involved with a man hired to decorate the couple’s home.

The paper says that the boyfriend, who it did not name, had accompanied Barker on official trips including a fact-finding mission on global warming to the Arctic Circle.

Barker refused to answer questions about the relationship with the interior designer saying that “it is a private matter.�

What kind of facts do you think these two found up in the Arctic?

Apparently after this affair, Barker had a change of heart about hating the homos and voted for the Civil Partnership Bill.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding