Blame Canada

Sadly, No! and I have been volleying the dumbfuck shuttlecock known as Dan Riehl back and forth this week and it seems to be my turn. Witness:

The Ultimate Selfishness Of Michael J Fox

One item hasn’t been pointed out that speaks to the tremendous selfishness of Michael J Fox. He was born in Canada and apparently has dual citizenship now allowing him to credibly politic in America.

That’s fine. But why here? Might it not be because we have one of the finest and richest health care systems in the world? I think that’s fair to say. So what is it Fox would do to get what he wants? He would abet the very party which would nationalize our health care system and turn it into nothing better than what Canada has.

No big deal for wealthy individuals like Fox. He can always pop off to some other country. Sorry, I think his motivation is more selfish than it is anything else. Apparently he doesn’t give a damn about destroying the very thing he would attempt to exploit. And I watched his entire interview with Couric.

In it he admits to managing his day, timing his medication – though at the same time covers himself by suggesting he doesn’t have such control. Sorry, it can’t be both. He’s lying about it one way or the other. And if you watch him in the interview, while it is clear he suffers from a terrible disease, his appearance isn’t quite so compelling as it was in the ad he filmed.

I feel for Michael J Fox as an individual with a dreadful disease. As a player in the political world, I don’t feel for the push back he is getting … not a tall.

Watch both performances and decide for yourself.

As Digby has noted here and here, we have really reached an interesting point in time where people feel free to say the most godawful things about victims of tragic diseases, 9/11 widows, and grieving mothers. Riehl says he “feels for Michael J. Fox”.


Why would he care about a stranger like Michael J. Fox when he couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck about how, when, and where his own brother died until he decided to use his death to make a cheap, not to mention inept, political point?

That was an older brother of mine, John. He’s dead and, yes, he was Gay. You want to know how he died? He died alone, probably of aids for all I know and probably in a San Francisco flop house living on the government’s dime. I say probably because it was the last address I ever had for him from letters exchanged, not having seen the boy/man since I was about 15.

And you know why he died alone? Not because he was Gay. He died that way because of small minded assholes who think that being Gay in America is a crime.

Yes, his brother died probably of “aids” probably alone, probably in a “flop house” and probably on the “the government’s dime”. And it’s because of you “small-minded assholes”.

I’m begining to think that he died of embarassment.

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