Pre-Friday Random Ten

Suddenly Mary fell in the water
I found myself married to somebody’s daughter
Loving, she told me
Is a question of bravery
But when she started to hold me
It was closer to slavery

What Is The Light? – The Flaming Lips
Five Hearts Breaking – Alejandro Escovedo
Snake and Martyrs – TV On The Radio
Life Is Sweet – Natalie Merchant
Girl From North Country – Eels with Strings
Svo Hljótt – Sigur Ros
Electric Funeral – Black Sabbath
Bodhisattva – Steely Dan
Suddenly Mary – The Posies
Lost and Found – The Poems

Bonus #11: Fight The Power – Public Enemy

If someone were to ask me what is the greatest song in pop music, taking into account every possible element (musicianship, songwriting, lyrics, production and harmonies) I would immediately answer Golden Blunders by The Posies from the CD Dear 23 which also contained Suddenly Mary above. I’ve always thought that it sounded like something that Brian Wilson whould have written if he had ever grown up. The video below is pretty weak, but definitely go download the song on iTunes (or wherever you hijack your music). Grab Suddenly Mary too.

You might also want to look into The Poems

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