Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Google/Blogger/YouTube hates bassets, so we’re a little behind with the posting:

Still rooting around and found this one of teenaged Satchmo

Beckham about fifteen pounds ago

The nights are getting cooler now, and so both dogs have taken to sleeping on the bed with me, pressed up against me as hard as they can. Imagine sleeping with an eighty pound sandbag on either side of you all night. Two sandbags that snore…

(Added) Since this always seems to come up –

  • They have an ottoman that they jump up on to get on the bed.
  • We started out crate-training the dogs as puppies but the delicate and soft-hearted mrs tbogg couldn’t bear to hear them whining at night and would invariably bring them to bed to snuggle, which was fine when they were about eight pounds. In Beckham’s case he had kennel cough as a puppy which turned into pneumonia and she slept on the floor with him for two weeks holding his head up so that he could breathe. The rest is history.

I might not have done that which is why this is what he thinks of me


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