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What $5 Can Buy


As we close out the week of fundraising we began last Wednesday for our Blue America page where we asked people to simply give $5, I have to say that we here at FDL, Crooks & Liars and Down With Tyranny were astonished at the amount  raised on behalf of the candidates and our Blue America PAC.  An incredible $115,000, five dollars at a time, that went to support candidates like Roberto Rodriguez, Angie Paccione and Victoria Wulsin in races that are suddenly competitive.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time and their hard-earned dollars to this effort.  It's been a very meaningful way to show up and validate candidates who support a progressive agenda, because support for those values is certainly not going to be forthcoming from the DCCC.  It's got to come from the grassroots and the fact that it happened will undoubtedly get the attention of many.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed.  Five dollars sure can buy a lot more than it used to, huh? 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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