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Want to know who to vote for in the upcoming election? Just visit The Conservative Voice and see who “ex-gay” James Hartline wants his readers to vote against!

Source: The Conservative Voice

Two Pro-Gay CA. Judges On Calif. Ballot

by James Hartline
October 24, 2006 12:00 PM EST

On Nov. 7, 2006, California voters will have another opportunity to make their position on the definition of marriage very clear. Two liberal California State Supreme Court Justices are up for reelection and whether or not the voters return these two women to the state’s highest court will clearly determine the fate of marriage in California. Personal lifestyles and court rulings by these two radical women make it abundantly clear, that when the California Supreme Court hears the appeal of a current same-sex marriage case, both Joyce L. Kennard and Carol A. Corrigan will vote to legalize homosexual unions. California voters can do something about this impending moral catastrophe by voting NO on returning Kennard and Corrigan to the California Supreme Court on Nov. 7th…

One of the things that I found disturbing in Hartline’s article (not that the entire thing isn’t disturbing) is that he twice makes the point that these judges are women:

“…or not the voters return these two women…”

“…rulings by these two radical women…”

I don’t think anyone could fail to recognize that judges named Joyce and Carol are probably women. However, gender seems to be as much of an issue to Hartline as the judges’ supposed views on equality in marriage.

Pam posts about the bleatings of James Hartline every now and then. I doubt that she’s considered using him to decide which candidates to support.

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