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T-shirt Hell homophobic promo video

[Fritz of On the Fritz]

Warning! The following video is very difficult to watch. T-shirt Hell, a business known for selling racist, homophobic, and sexist t-shirts of the worst sort is using this as a part of a spam promotion.

The interviewer [please note correction] named Ivan Youngblood (in disguise with a dreadlock wig) verbally abuses a “gay” artist, calling him a “faggot” and “a piece of shit”.

Youngblood’s bio on the T-shirt Hell site reads as follows:

Ivan Youngblood
Shirt Writer, Creative Consultant, Produce Manager

My name is Ivan Youngblood and I am one of the original writers for T-Shirt Hell. I am 6?2 and I weigh 27lbs. In other words, I am HUGE. I am also a gay nigger with AIDS. For 3 years in a row, I won the gay nigger with AIDS knock hockey tournament. In other words, I am HUGE. My favorite bands include: Jonathan Richman / Squeeze / 311 / Matthew Sweet / Insane Clown Posse / Cam’ron / Prince. I also like you. You make some of my favorite music. I also like tits and death. I have a negative attitude and I love life. I hate people and I want to die and I love life. I am a happy go lucky murderer. Sometimes, I spread my aids on a bagel and feed it to my children. My kids died in 1982 but sometimes, I wake them up, feed them the bagel and kill them again. Surprisingly, it’s not the AIDS that kills them. They are allergic to “everything” bagels and the aids kills them a little bit too I guess. Who knows? When I was 2 years old, my parents locked me in a closet with a live cow and a hammer. I made love to that hammer like a milk man with gingivitis. I wasn’t actually “born” until I was 27. My dad was the world’s 1st pregnant man and he gave birth to me while creating a #2 in a scat video. Also, I almost died in my sleep last night and I’m pretty sure that the world is going to end in 2012. Also, my shit isn’t as random as it seems. There will always be some real stuff in there. Dipset!!!

It is difficult to understand why people create filth like this. Sick. Perverse. Deranged.

We’ve all come across this kind of thing before. It is often the product of simple-minded people who are trying to be creative and edgy. They just don’t have enough going on upstairs to realize that this kind of material can stoke the fires of hate and result in crimes against minorities.

This video had a two-star rating when I last visited Let’s see if we can get it down to one star, okay?

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fritz liess

fritz liess