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Just wanted to put up a quick post thanking John Kerry for being pretty much the only major Democrat willing to be critical of Where's The Dough Joe and stand up to his threats to leave the party, repeatedly insult Democrats and promote the Republican agenda.  Kerry is in East Hartford today appearing with Ned Lamont while others have thrown a big middle finger to the party's base by siding with their country club buddy and laughing while he shits on their heads.  Kerry deserves some big netroots praise for his willingness to buck the Incumbency Protection Racket and listen to what Democratic voters are saying (as opposed to the Republican ones, who comprise the majority of Tortureman's supporters).

Not only did Kerry appear with Ned today at the town hall meeting, his staff called to confirm the appearance themselves. Nobody had to harangue Kerry to show up. And yesterday he took the time to meet with local Massachusetts bloggers, including our own RevDeb, and listen to their concerns.  He's also turned up and supported many progressive House candidates that the DCCC couldn't be bothered with.


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