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Save the date: Women Comic Artists panel at NYC Jewish Museum November 16th

Nancy in NYC here.

There was only one piece of reading material that my mother ever banned during my entire time under her roof: an underground comics complilation with all women contributors called Wet Satin. It was edited by comix legend Trina Robbins, and its front cover featured a picture of a hot blonde in tight red clothing and high black boots passing a Marlon Brando look-alike as she zoomed down the street on a skateboard, eating (actually, fellating is more like it) a banana.

I can’t remember what made my mother go into my room, read Wet Satin, and decide that it was worse for 15-year-old me than all of the Anais Nin diaries she kept leaving around the house, or Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer (ditto) but she did, and she chucked it.

Clearly, my mother’s decision to remove this piece of hot, mostly het erotica during my impressionable teenage years is what turned me queer.

This November 16th at 6:30pm New Yorkers will have a chance to meet Trina Robbins in person at the Jewish Museum’s panel on Women Comic Artists. The panel will also feature Leela Corman (her graphic novels include the 2000 Xeric Grant winner Queen’s Day, and Subway Series), Sabrina Jones (cartoonist and editor of World War 3 Illustrated and Girltalk, and creator of Prisoners of the War on Drugs), and my personal favorite, Joan Hilty of DC Comics.

After editing The OMAC Project, Joan became a fulltime DC Universe editor, whose current projects include Blue Beetle, Flash: Fastest Man Alive, Checkmate, Manhunter, and Outsiders. She is also the creator of Bitter Girl, a fabulous weekly B&W; comic strip about cranky single dykes in the big city.

She’s also my spouse. And even hotter than she looks in this photo. And her very first cartoon drawing class, which she took at the age of 10 at a local community college, was with…Trina Robbins.

See, mom: it all comes around.

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nancy in nyc

nancy in nyc