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Open thread — the non-burning Bush

Kate and I just saw this commercial on CNN a couple of minutes ago. It simply and effectively addresses the mind-blowing failures of the Bush Admin.



Thanks for keeping the coffeeshop open for business

Now that I’ve had a few hours of sleep to recharge the brain cells, I wanted to take the time to thank these regular Blenders for providing readers with very fresh and very interesting Blend over the past week while I was out of town:

Konagod, Nancy Goldstein, Jay Lassiter (Lassiter Space), Terrance Heath (Republic of T.), Gloria Nieto (Miss Wild Thing), Jill Cozzi (Brilliant at Breakfast), Autumn Sandeen (Ex-Gay Watch), Mobeen Shirazi (Julien’s List), Callie Leousis (Red State Exile), Kathy McMullen (Birmingham Blues), The Dark Wraith (Dark Wraith Forums), Daimeon Pilcher (Get the Skinny), Katie McKy (Holly Capote), Paul Barwick (Paul’s Rants), and Fritz Liess (On the Fritz).

As always, thanks also to regular guest poster “Radical” Russ.

The voices were welcome additions that made me think, laugh and enjoy spending time in the coffeehouse. Many hugs to you all.

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