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Blue America: Catching Up With A Few Candidates


Photo of Kirsten Gillibrand blogging during her FDL Blue America chat, courtesy of the Gillibrand campaign.

It is thirteen days and counting until the election.  And our Blue America candidates are all pushing hard toward the finish line.  If you can spare a fiver for any of them today via our Blue America page, it could make the difference between paying for another mailer or advertisement — anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated by our Blue America candidates.

Now, let's take a little time to catch up with some of our candidates and some other campaign news — there's a lot of news to cover, so I'm only able to hit a few.  If you have news about a particular favorite Democratic candidate — whether it is someone on our Blue America list or not — PLEASE share in the comments below.

— I wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to Andy, who has put together some of the amazing "Have You Had Enough?" videos for our Blue America PAC.  Howie has a lot more on Andy's background — let's just say it was a fantastic thing for him to take time out of his busy schedule to volunteer on this — and I wanted to say thanks for everything.

Victoria Wulsin is neck and neck with Mean Jean Schmidt.  Her campaign is putting out a new, hard-hitting ad, that you can view via YouTube here.  Huge thanks to last term's candidate Paul Hackett, who has been campaigning as hard for Vic Wulsin as if he were running himself.  This one is going to be a fight to the finish, so if you live nearby, GOTV help could be very, very useful here.  As could poll watching volunteers.  And I hear that the Cincinnati post has endorsed Vic for the OH-2.  Howie has much more here.

The WaPo reports that Charlie Brown has pulled within striking distance of John Doolittle in the CA-04.  Doolittle holds a HUGE amount of power in Congress, and Brown's win would be an enormous win for Charlie and for the Democratic party.  If you missed our chat with Charlie, you need to go back and read Howie's fantastic introduction to him to understand just how much a Brown win could mean for America in terms of knocking out a whole mess of corruption all in one fell swoop.

Kirsten Gillibrand is neck-and-neck (as in within the margin of error) with John Sweeney.  Go Kirsten!

— New Senate poll numbers from Chris Bowers at MyDD:

  • Rhode Island: Whitehouse (D) 47.4%–41.6% Chafee (R)
  • Montana: Tester (D) 47.4%–42.0% Burns (R)
  • New Jersey: Menendez (D) 46.2%–42.6% Kean (R)
  • Missouri: Talent (R) 46.8%–45.4% McCaskill (D)
  • Virginia: Allen (R) 47.6%–46.0% Webb (D)
  • Tennessee: Corker (R) 47.6%–44.8% (Ford (D)
  • The word to describe every one of these Senate races:  volatile.  You can also add in "down to the wire." 

    — Kos has even more poll numbers here.  Here is what I know:  nothing is certain until the votes are all in and counted (properly!).  And I'd rather have a huge Democratic turnout than anything else this year — consider it a late birthday present for me, what do ya say?

    You want to know what you can do?  Help get out our vote.  Because we have thirteen days to get the job done, and turning out a massive vote for Democrats is the only way to win.  Here are some ideas on how to help — here and here.  Or just click on the "citizen action" topic at right. 

    Make certain your neighbors, your work colleagues, your family members are voting — offer rides to the polls if need be, but get them to vote.  One of those votes could make all the difference in a close race, and at the end of the day, you don't want to be sitting there thinking "I should have done a little more," now do you?

    Thanks so much to everyone for all that you already do. 

    I'll do more updates as I get them on our Blue America candidates.  If you have information or links on a particular race — news articles, endorsements, whatever — please link them up in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.  And please, if you have five bucks to spare, consider forgoing that cuppa Starbucks and giving it to a Blue America candidate of your choice instead. 

    Have I told you guys that you are the best?  Because you are…now, let's get out our vote and kick some GOP boo-tay in November.  And please do update on the candidates for whom you are doing work — I'd love to hear some reports from the ground in the comments.  Thanks again for everyone help and hard work!

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