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Accountability Now

YouTube video courtesy of the DNC. 

According to President George Bush during his hastily thrown together press conference this morning, it all depends on what the meaning of "benchmark" is, and we're going to keep on "adapting to win," because "stay the course" is so last week.  America deserves better than the same policy in Iraq dressed up in shiny new marketing language, test marketed and rolled out just 13 days prior to a nationwide election.

A vote for Republicans is a vote for more of the same in Iraq and all over the United States, and no accountability whatsoever.  Had enough?  Vote for Democrats.

UPDATE:  Before Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman finish slobbering all over themselves about George Bush's "honesty" about the situation at this morning's presser, may I remind everyone that the reason this seems unusual is that we have not seen any honesty — with the public or with themselves — for years from the Bush Administration, that George Bush just said that Rumsfeld is a brilliant and trusted secretary of defense and that there was not one — NOT ONE — proposal for any real, meaningful change other than calling questions of a withdrawal of troops from Iraq a "benchmark" instead of his usual straw man reference to "timetables" that no one has really proposed in the first place.  And that yet again there is no real plan for any success in Iraq other than "we'll stay there until things are better," because we have no freaking clue what else to do.  Permanent bases?  Won't talk about it.  Civil war in Iraq?  Nope, all that violence is just a "sectarian conflict" (whatever in the hell that means, other than more semantics).  Now it's a 'unity government in Iraq," not a democracy.  Accountability now.  Period.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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