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Kathrine Harris Debates

[Daimeon, in the absense of Holly.]

And shows she’s dumber than she looks.

In a televised debate yesterday with her opponent, incumbent Bill Nelson (D-Fl), spent half of the debate agreeing with instead of arguing her opponent. Obviosly she’s disconnected on some reality to what Democrats really stand for.

She later whines that she didn’t call him a liberal, and that the questions weren’t about the issues that she differs on. (Where’s my mini-violin?)

[Katherine] Harris said the type of questions asked by a panel of journalists during Monday’s debate failed to pinpoint the differences between the candidates running for U.S. Senate.

“They didn’t ask us tax questions — different night and day. Didn’t ask immigration questions — different night and day. Didn’t ask spending questions,” Harris said. “Different night and day.”

The candidates did have different thoughts on the future of the war in Iraq and also clashed over illegal contributions and oil drilling.

Nelson, 64, said Iraq needs a political solution because a military solution isn’t feasible. He supports a proposal to divide the country into three ethnic enclaves — a Kurdish north, Sunni center and Shiite south. But he said it would not work unless the world community got involved and Arab neighbors enforced it.

“What’s the best chance we have to stabilize Iraq? It’s that political solution, but you can’t do it alone cowboy-style,” said Nelson, who is seeking his second six-year term in the Senate.

Harris, on the other hand, twice used a Republican catchphrase that the United States can’t “cut and run.”

Harris, who is far behind Nelson in the polls and doesn’t have nearly as much money as her rival, choose to wander away from her lectern throughout the debate as she answered questions, but didn’t seriously attack Nelson.

In the past she has often referred to him as a “do-nothing liberal,” but didn’t mention that during the debate. “How could I have missed not calling him liberal?” Harris said afterward.

Is “cut and run” starting to get as annoying to anyone else as it is to me?

She also tried to defend herself and attack her opponent but then Nelson bitchslaps her with facts.

At one point, Harris, defended herself over $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions she received from a defense contractor, saying that she couldn’t have known the money was tainted.

But she said she at least made an effort to return the money. She said Nelson didn’t do the same after he took illegal contributions from Riscorp Inc. when serving as insurance commissioner in the 1990s.

Nelson, however, shot back that he did more than return the $62,800 he received from Riscorp. “Not only did I return all of that, I put the company out of business. I shut them down,” Nelson said.

After Riscorp was caught giving nearly $400,000 in illegal contributions to 27 Florida politicians, including Harris, who was a state senator at the time, Nelson forced the insurance company to refund the amount to policy holders and to pay the state back for matching campaign contributions.

I would feel sorry for her, if it wasn’t so entertainting.

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