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How could the Madonna adoption story get any better for the tabloids?

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Why, sprinkle a little fairy dust on it, of course!

If true, this news is sure to make conservative heads spin. That “nice Christian lady” who adopted a baby in Africa could be set to name Rupert Everett as the boy’s godfather.

Gay star to be godfather to Madonna’s boy – October 24, 2006 –

Gay star to be godfather to Madonna’s boy

24-October-2006 writer

The tedium of the Madonna adopts African boy story continues as it is reported that
gay actor Rupert Everett is set to be the child’s godfather.

The actor, who appeared alongside the singer in comedy flop The Next Best Thing, has been asked to become involved in the life of David Banda, sources claim.

A friend told The Sun that Everett is an inspiration to the artist, “Madonna and Rupert have been pals for years and he is one of her closest friends. But more than that her trip to Africa was partly inspired by Rupert’s work out there.


Let’s imagine some of the possible Freeper comments shall we:

Madonna is trying to recruit the child into the homosexual lifestyle!

She’s probably the secret leader of a child sex ring for British royalty.

I heard about what those rock and roll weirdos and homosexuals do to infants! She’s going to sacrifice that baby to Satan and usher in the Apocolypse. You can read it in the Bible. Word for word.

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fritz liess