As Tommy Yum just announced in the comments, the Maxwell/Mosher band and Ricki Lee Jones will be going to Connecticut from November 2-4 to appear with Ned Lamont on his bus tour and perform the campaign song they did on behalf of our Blue America candidates, Have You Had Enough.  It's the first time the song will have been performed live.

As many know, the song came about because Tommy contacted Howie Klein early on in the Blue America series wanting to do something on behalf of progressive candidates.   To date we've managed to raise over $30,000 through our Blue America PAC to buy local radio spots for many of them, and Tommy and Ken have adapted it for others who have used it themselves in their districts.

This is just about as grass roots, community-oriented as it gets and I am really, really proud of everyone involved. 

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

Jane is the founder of Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She’s the author of the best selling book Killer Instinct and has produced such films Natural Born Killers and Permanent Midnight. She lives in Washington DC.
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