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Michael J. Fox has a new ad out in support of Ben Cardin in Maryland.  WaPo:

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research who heard about the ad said they found it sad.

"To me, this is a shame that they're exploiting someone like Michael J. Fox for something that the scientists say is not going to do anything," said Douglas Stiegler, executive director of Maryland's Family Protection Lobby.

Steele campaign spokesman Doug Heye agreed, saying he considered the ad "in extremely poor taste."

That would be the same Michael Steele who compared embryonic stem cell research to the holocaust when speaking before a Baltimore Jewish group. Yes he really should be lecturing us all on "poor taste."

Then over in the Wingnut Welfare pavilion, noted Duran Duran scholar KJ Lopez "thanks" Fox for a "misleading emotional message" and his "embryos or nothing position," calling the ads "blatantly dishonest" and saying:

Claire McCaskill, Ben Cardin, and anyone else who chooses to play on voters’ emotions with these misleading ads… ought to be ashamed of themselves. 

Meanwhile "Pills" Limbaugh — who yesterday accused Fox of "acting" — was on it again this morning, saying Fox is being "duped" by Democrats.  Because, you know, only a sap would actively work in favor of finding a cure to a debilitating disease from which they suffer if it meant jeopardizing a big November happy for the GOP.  

Maybe they can just get Barbara Cubin to go give him a good kicking and teach him some Republican values.

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Jane Hamsher

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