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Barney Frank Comes Through For Democrats


In response to the netroots call for Democrats in safe seats to kick in money from their war chests in support of those in competitive races, Barney Frank this week will give more than 30% of his September 30 cash-on-hand.  It was a bold move, but then again Barney is a courageous guy.

As Kos says:

Here's the bottom line — safe Republican incumbents are ponying up in an effort to keep control of Congress — to the tune of $2.3 million more than Democrats. It's why they win — they work harder and sacrifice more than our safe, lazy, entrenched incumbents who would rather stew in the minority than actually extend themselves out a bit.

We get working people, those on fixed incomes, letting us know all the time that seeing Congress change hands this fall is really important to them and that they are setting aside money to make sure that it happens.  Many of these people will have to work harder to sacrifice the five dollars they gave candidates through our Blue America page than would a candidate chipping in cash-on-hand from a race with no challenger.  These war chests came in large part from us, and it's not asking too much that these safe candidates stop acting like they're members of the "And More About Me" party and pull together with the rest of us to initiate some oversight.

Barney Frank is the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, and should the Dems squeak by to victory in November he would become the Chairman.  His actions give us a lot of confidence that he will act responsibly and judiciously in this role, and deserve all our support as he does so.

Please take a look at this Chris Bowers list and see if your congressperson is in one of the ultra-safe Democratic seats, then give them a call and ask them why they aren't doing like Barney Frank.  Let us know in the comments what happens. 

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