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Michelle Malkin’s legendary “poker face”

How sad is it when the most reasonable person in the room is Bill O’Reilly?

For someone who is such a creature of the media, Malkin has never quite learned how to keep her emotions in check when discussing issues that either honestly mean a lot to her or that she wants to pump up in an effort to keep her fans on that razors edge of hysteria and rage that fills their best left unexamined lives. The linked video is illustrative as it shows Malkin becoming, hmmmm…what’s the word?…oh yes, unhinged when Bill O’Reilly refuses to agree with her contention that the people at CNN took a vote and decided that they really liked the Islamojihadiricans a whole lot better than American soldiers. Unable to convert O’Reilly to the cause, Malkin attempts a sickly smile before the cutaway, after which we assume she ran off to the green room, slammed the door, screamed “I hate you, hate you, hate you!” before kicking over the muffin table.

Kirsten Powers, on the other hand, get the short end of the interview stick from O’Reilly and mails it in by channeling Barbara Bush. She must have the world’s largest collection of unicorn and rainbow posters…

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