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Follow-up: Transpeople And Port Authority Toilets

[Autumn Sandeen]

(Re: the Bough Down And Pray? reference of NYC transpeople’s use of Port Authority administered toilets)

In the article NYC toilets in transgender ruling, reports

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has reached agreement with a transgender advocacy group and will implement new regulations allowing people to use MTA public restrooms consistent with their gender expression.

The agreement ends a complaint filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights involving a 70-year-old transsexual who was arrested three times by transit police for using the women’s restroom at Grand Central Terminal.

Helena Stone, 70, said an officer called her “a freak, a weirdo and the ugliest woman in the world” and warned her, “If I ever see you in the women’s bathroom, I’m going to arrest you.”

Hopefully, this will also end the legal problems for the three women’s room using transyouth.

That said; however, there still is the problem of the language used by the Port Authority Police. Having police call transpeople thing, freak, weirdo and the ugliest woman in the world doesn’t say too much positive about Port Authority police, or Port Authority police training on gender variant people.

We as a society don’t find the use of racial or gay epithets by police officers acceptable these days — we shouldn’t find the use of transgender epithets by police officers acceptable either.

ChrisNYC pointed out that the MTA Transit Police are a distinctly different force from the Port Authority Police. I mixed these two agencies up as identical agencies when they’re not. That said, I’d say the police at transportation hubs in NYC have choise-of-language issues that need addressing. Both sets of police agencies, in my opinion, need training on how to treat gender variant people like people.

And with this I’m done posting here for now too. Thanks Pam!

Autumn Sandeen is the Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) secretary, a Transgender Advocacy And Services Center (TASC) of San Diego Planning Group Member, and is a contributing author for the Ex-Gay Watch.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen