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Foley's 'hot boys'

“You could always stay at my place. I’m always here, I’m always lonely, and I’m always up for oral sex.”
— more smooth moves from GOPerv Mark Foley in 2002 to a former page who was simply asking for the then-congressman’s advice on area hotels

I’m sorry for decloaking again while on the road, but, I had to post this because I was scanning some headlines before bed and this just about gave me a migraine. This predator clearly felt comfortable being so brazen with his lame-ass, nasty pick-up lines.

Foley even cruised the pages while on the House floor:

At times, Foley seemed to speak suggestively to boys before they left the program. A female former page remembers becoming uneasy one day in 2000 as she watched him talk “a little too much” on the House floor to a boy she knew. Right afterward, she asked what Foley had said. The boy, she recalled, told her Foley had admired the page’s “very big hands” and boasted about his “glorious” home in Florida. The boy added: “Eighteen. Eighteen’s that magic number.” The girl was appalled at what seemed to her to be a come-on that the boy did not fully understand.

Isn’t nice to see our tax dollars at work — Foley looking for a future screw on our dime?

If that isn’t enough to creep you out, how about this behavior…

They talked perhaps a dozen times. Then at his page graduation ceremony that June, in 2002, he was excited when Foley appeared, uninvited, and dictated his personal e-mail address for the boy to jot in his memory book. “I started contacting him right away,” the young man recalled. “I knew a congressman that I . . . talked to online. That was pretty cool.”

…The messages were innocent at first. But after the young man moved home, he recalled, Foley started asking about “my roommates, if I ever saw them naked.” Within months, the congressman was dangling a job offer, “because I was a hot boy,” he said.

The party of values.

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