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Most people who still support Joe Lieberman inexplicably cite his "experience" as the number one reason.  This has always been rather incomprehensible to me, because his "experience" is what mired us our current disaster of a war. But you would think someone who was an uber hawk, a quote-unquote "expert" on the Middle East and someone who was casting regular votes that would decide the fate of the region might know something about it.  As Paul Bass notes from tonight's debate:

 “Islamic terrorists … are out to destroy our way of life and as many of us as we can,” Joe Lieberman… said. “We have to do everything we can to capture and kill them.” At the same time, the U.S. needs to work hard to win the Islamic world’s “hearts and minds.”

That’s why he doesn’t want to “pull out of Iraq” without a clear victory, Lieberman said – he worries that doing so would encourage terrorists. “I’ve traveled to just about every Arab country except Iran” and learned the importance of this issue, Lieberman said.

Someone who wants to win over "hearts and minds," and who in the last debate called for regime change in Iran, might want to reserve expressing further opinion on the situation until coming to terms with the remedial fact that Iran is not an Arab country (a mistake that many a warmonger seems to be making these days).

File under "The Idiots Who Lead Us." 

Update:  Digby has more on potty mouth Nixonian Lieberman

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