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I found this video on Jim Gilliam's blog this morning and I knew you all would get a kick out of it.  The folks at Do More Than Vote have put together some fantastic stuff for everyone in terms of resources for action that you can take — right now — to help progressive candidates win in the upcoming election.

There are just 15 days until the election.  FIFTEEN! 

You say to yourself, what can I possibly do to help in 15 short days?  The answer is:  plenty.

— When was the last time you wrote a letter to the editor to your local paper?  Now would be a good time.  Potential topics:  the importance of voting; accountability; rubber stamp Republicans; corruption; the mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, and lots of other places.  General dissatisfaction with the direction of the nation and the need for better checks and balances in government.  Just sit down and write a letter and send it in — lots of folks read those in the little local papers all over the nation, and your letter could get someone off their butt and out to vote.

— Are you canvassing for a local candidate?  If so, the AFL-CIO has put together some great voter information sheets for their membership, and they are very useful for non-union folks who live in working districts as well.  (Which is pretty much everywhere, frankly.) is still running their Get Out the Vote phone bank.  You can make calls from anywhere — and help get people to the polls.

— Make a deal with friends, family or co-workers — go together to the polls to vote.  If everyone who reads a blog took a couple of people with them to vote…just imagine the power of numbers across the blogosphere.  Offer to give rides to folks at work to the polls, or to folks in your neighborhood.  Or volunteer to provide rides to the polls through your local Democratic organization.  Getting people up off the couch and to the polls is a big part of the battle, so anything you can do to help with this is great.

Do More Than Vote has even more ideas.  Something there will work for you — just take a few minutes to look and see how you can do more.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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