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Cuppa Soiled Slush (And Other Better Blue America News)


— The Lamont campaign held a press conference this morning, and have said that they will be filing complaints with state and federal election authorities on Turncoat Joe's sketchy, curious $387,000 plus "petty cash" slush fund.  There are any number of reasons to keep payments "off the books" — most of them are a dirty use of the slush fund.  A Senator who has been around the political scene his entire life, like Joe Lieberman has, ought to know better than to operate in such a sleazy, off-the-books manner.  If he's been above board in all of this, then Joe should show the media his mandated expenditure logs to show just what each and every dime of this was used for in the primary.  CTBob and the Lamont campaign blog have more.  The law requires record-keeping for every last penny of petty cash expended — a written journal of all disbursements — and thus far the Lieberman campaign has produced…nothing, nada, zip, zero, even though they promised to produce their "petty cash" journal today.  What are you trying to hide, Joe?  We're still waiting…

You can co-sign the Lamont petition for an FEC investigation here.  The final debate will be held in the CT Senate race this evening — wonder if the unprecedented amount of undocumented money that Joe spent in the primary for who knows what purposes will come up?  (Um…yeah, I think so…since vote buying or paying for petition signatures, just as two possible keep-it-off-the-books examples, are illegal.)

Chris Bowers at MyDD is pressing Democrats running in unchallenged or barely challenged races to turn over some of their campaign funds to the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC to be used in tight races that could use the boost.  Check out Chris' post and see if a call to your elected officials can help move the ball forward for the whole Democratic party in November.

Via Howie, I see that the MN Star Tribune has endorsed Coleen Rowley and Tim Walz.  Crooks and Liars is focusing their fundraising efforts on Coleen today — so if you have a spare fiver, please send it her way via our Blue America page — or, if you prefer, to any of our other stellar Blue America candidates.

Bob Geiger has some fantastic analysis up via IAVA on support of the troops by various members of the Senate.  Hint:  the GOP doesn't fare well.  I've had more than enough of that.

The LATimes reports that the battleground for seats in the House has widened, and that the DCCC is going to put more money into the races in these competitive districts.  It's about time — but thank goodness.

What is going on in the races you've been working on?  Good news, bad news, anything that you need help with that maybe, just maybe someone here might be able to answer? 

The time for accountability is now.  Had enough?

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Christy Hardin Smith

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