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Where’d The Dough Go, Joe?


Even though Lieberman mouthpiece Tammy Sun claimed that today the campaign would produce the ledger it is required by federal election law to keep detailing petty cash expenditures that would account for the questionable $387,000, she just announced that they wouldn't be doing so — so one can presume that either a) they couldn't find it, b) it doesn't exist or c) it contains information that could prove damaging to Joe.

Over at the saddest excuse for a blog in existence, the incurious NYT once again accepts the Lieberman obfuscation that there is nothing fishy going on with a full one-eighth of all the Lieberman campaign's expenditures unaccounted for.  In cash.  Meanwhile, with slightly more integrity NYT public editor Byron Calame admists that their editorial content at the NYT is indeed influenced by the mau-mauing they get from right wingers.  No shit, Byron. 

Arianna looks at the call to arms that Republicans have made on behalf of No-Show Joe, and Matt Stoller demonstrates that Joe Lieberman is to Iraq what Richard Nixon was to Viet Nam. 

Feel free to play connect the dots. 

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